Photo credit: Radiant Human

Photo credit: Radiant Human

“You can call it folk, but this ain’t Americana. At once soothing and emotional, Elana’s performance is nothing less than cathartic…Her sound draws from something more ancient, and yet is unbound by the forms and structures of traditional folk ballads.” —Matthew Gilliam, Eastern Soundboard

Elana Low is a dark folk composer based in New York City with a heavy harmonium and a slightly lighter heart. With a songbird’s voice, haunting lyrics, and melodies at once arcane and modern, she’ll lead you through the veil and back again. Her performance style has been described as having “a trance effect on the audience, inviting comparisons to Nico, Florence Welch, and Joni Mitchell on steroids" (Tony Sokol, Den of Geek). In her songwriting, she finds “a fascinating intersection between folk songs of long ago and the immediacy of text threads between friends and lovers,” making it easy to be “mesmerized by her harmonium and her honeyed, vibrato-free voice”.  (Jeremy Shatan, An Earful). Her debut EP LOAM is out now on Bandcamp. Sign up for her newsletter here to find out when LOAM will be on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Upcoming shows

OCT 31 - THUR - The Witch’s Halloween Ball at The Delancey - 8PM

NOV 1 - FRI - The Baumann - 8PM

NOV 2 - SAT - Hart Bar - 7PM

NOV 23 - SAT - Pete’s Candy Store - 4PM

DEC 15 - SUN - Dark Roots at LIC Bar

Pete’s Candy Store, 2019 Photo credit: Marcus Middleton

Pete’s Candy Store, 2019 Photo credit: Marcus Middleton




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